Labrakita is a Labrador retriever and Akita Inu mix. It is a crossbreed, and not much is known about its history.

In a household with children, Labrakita is a good family friend. With small children, they need supervision. Since this dog has a prey drive, they needed socialization so that they don’t show their prey drive instinct with other animals. This dog is fun loving and requires a lot of time to play with the family. It needs lots of time and large yards. Introduction to the guest is critical so that they can know who comes to the house.

This dog is a clean dog, but still, they need brushing frequently. Slicker or pin brush is used to sweep the coat several times a week. Since frequent shampooing can cause dry skin, hence bathing requirements are minimal for this dog. Once every month, the toenail needs trimming. Brushing of teeth and cleaning of ears for irritation, wax buildup, and ear mites are necessary.

To stay healthy and happy, the Labrakita needs the right amount of exercise. If the dog does not get the exercise, it becomes anxious and overweight. Some of the favorite activities of this dog include playing on the beach, hiking in the woods, swimming, and brisk walks. They can develop the habit of destroying property or chewing things if they don’t get any exercise.

This dog can develop gastric dilation; bloat, gastric torsion disease. It needs daily 3 to 5 cups of healthy food as a healthy diet.

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