As a designer or hybrid dog, the Huskita is a mixture of two pure breeds. In the last two decades, the designer dogs refer to the mixed breeds that have grown in reputation. There is deliberate mixing of the two races was done because it is fashionable to do so, while mixed race had no new development. Some of these dogs are further successful and popular, which draws the concentration of the disreputable breeders and puppy mills to create money.  To know more about this dog, one needs to look into the history of their parents Siberian husky and Akita.

Adopting the protective nature of Akita and hunting instincts from Siberian husky, Huskitas inherit the qualities of both the parents. They are playful, energetic and affectionate and ready to safeguard the household thus exhibiting the traits of an excellent watchdog. Since they are good companion, they are ideal for people living alone. They are good with children, apart from being loyal. When it has only one pet, they do best to gel with it. At times this dog can turn aggressive and are territorial. If the Akita gene rules them, they might not welcome the strangers, while in general, they are not aggressive. Having an independent side, they are somewhat aloof and detached, and they might not be good for the first time owners.

Safeguarding of oil is done brushing of coat thrice should be done. This breed sheds very little. With a dog shampoo, bathing is done as per requirement. Perfect tool is used to clip the nails, Avoidance of infection for the dog is achieved by occasional cleaning of eyes and ears are done.

This dog suffers from dysplasia. There are other disorders like obesity, bloating, eye problem and hypothyroidism, which it inherits from its parents.

For the good health of Huskita, two to three hours of strenuous exercise is enough. To provide enough physical and mental stimulation, fun-filled play sessions and long jogs are sufficient for this dog.  When visiting a dog park, use of a leash is essential, and access to a fenced yard is crucial for this dog.

From the puppy day, this dog needs training to get socialized. It will help its wariness to strangers at bay. To social the dog in better in a better way, it is necessary to keep inviting the relatives and friends more to the house. The puppies should be permitted to sit with the strangers so that they can know the stranger in a better way. Teaching the puppy obedience is an essential thing. Engagement in lots of fun and exciting activities is necessary to keep its mind busy because like most of the dogs they have prey drives and destructive habits.

For Huskitas, four to five cups of high-quality food are enough. The commercial food provided to the dog needs to possess all critical nutrients. As per age, size and metabolism of the dog, the quantity of food will vary. The meal provided for the dog needs division in two balanced diets.

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