Akita Pit

Described as a Hybrid dog, Akita Pit is a cross between Pit Bull and Akita. It is a medium-sized dog. The primary origin of this dog is known since it has no specific regional background. In the late 18th century, this parent dog Akita was used as a fighting dog. After World War II, the breed became in the United States. This dog was placed as guard dogs or as a part of law enforcement. The original Pitbull dog, as seen in the picture going as far as 1500, was used for guarding and hunting. The look of the Akita Pit looks like the Pit Bull of yesterday.

This breed is stubborn and independent. The race is intelligent like the Akita parent and has a fondness for dominating the relationship between canine and human. By a combination of firm hand and kindness training, obedience will come from this breed. Although socialization is needed and once done, they are good with children and other animals. They are intelligent, loyal, friendly and protective to the family. They become aggressive very rarely. As a breed, this dog has a lot of enthusiasm and pleasing qualities.

Since the dog is living with a human being for thousands of years, hence daily exercise is a must for them. If it is considered to be a wild dog, then it requires a lot of daily work to save and find food. Regarded as a companion dog,  it can get food by sitting on the couch. There are specific exercises like tugging, fetching and running considered as minimum exercise requirements for the dog.

As per the breed, specific exercise is the need of the hours for the dog. They crave for both mental and physical activities. Through the destructive behavior, they will let the owner know that they need training. There is a need of fenced outdoor space so that it can ooze out the energy level. Enough space is the need for the dog. They are generally fit dogs.

Akita Pit requires training from an early age. Consistency in the training pattern is the key. They are easy to train as they learn the command quickly. Behavior training is critical for this breed. The bad habits of the puppy get corrected and prevented in the future through behavior training. The trainer should not get impatient. There is a requirement of repetition of commands. The dog should not be called for punishment since this will teach the dog not to come to terms with the training. Negative reinforcement and frustration out of the voice tone while training must be kept away. No pretention is to be shown since the dog can feel human emotion.

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