Akita Chow

History, Personality, Exercise & Health Problems

Akita Chow is the cross between the Akita and the Chow chow. It is a new breed, so there isn’t any detailed history in records about the Akita Chow. However, its parents have a complete history. The ancestors of Akita have an image of hunting dogs. These dogs were also used as fighting dogs and were bred continuously with other dogs to improve their fighting skills. In the later stages, the government of Japan started banning the illegal game of fighting dog breeds. It was in these later years that Akitas began getting popularity as house pets. Historians have a record that the Chow chows have a bone structure which is quite similar to the earliest known dogs in the world. Their numbers suddenly started declining as the years started passing. They have a reputation of once, being used as food in countries like Manchuria and Mongolia.

The Akita Chow is independent and is known to have an obstinate nature. It will be loyal as well as intelligent. They are incredibly protective of their owners. Some may want a dog with qualities like not jumping to their owner or doesn’t have a licking habit, and in that case, the Akita chow will be a great option. As they are highly protective of their owner, Akita chows at times can become dominating and uncontrollable. If not socialized at an early age, these dogs in the later stages of their life can become aggressive whenever they come across a stranger. Whenever they are around small children, these dogs can dispose of their bossy tendencies. In this regard, the elders should always accompany these dogs.

This breed having independent tendencies needs a high dose of regular activities. It will enjoy a long walk with leash on. A fenced-in-yard will provide the required space for the dog to run and play freely. One of its parents the Akita is high on energy dog. On the other hand, the Chow chow tends to be on the lazy side. The Akita chow can thus be an active dog or can be a lazy and slouchy dog. Regardless of its will to exercise, the Akita chows still need a moderate amount of exercise on a daily basis.

The dog can suffer from illnesses such as Entropion, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Hip Dysplasia, Patellar Luxation, Distichiasis, Gastric Torsion, Elbow Dysplasia, Cataracts, Pemphigus, and Sebaceous Adenitis. Some random tests are for the Eyes, Hips Elbow, Skin Scraping, X-Rays, and Eye Examination.

Training & Feeding

Some can have massive vomiting tendencies while traveling in the car and needs handling accordingly. Teaching it little things like standing behind the owner when waiting for the lift, being a gentleman while outside are qualities which will help in the long run.

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