Golden Akita Retriever

History, Personality, Exercise & Health Problems

The Golden Akita Retriever is a cross between two hunting dogs turned house dogs named Akita and Golden Retriever. The cross has little-recorded history and is relatively new in the crossbreeds space. Mainly bred as designer dogs these dogs have a well-known reputation in the world. One of its parents, the Golden Retrievers have a reputation of being an excellent dog when it comes to giving companionship, with always having a sweet disposition for free. The Akita, on the other hand, is a Japanese race and has of thousand years of history. Mainly bred for their hunting skills, these dogs have a high reputation in the royal scene. Ancient people regarded these dogs to be profoundly spiritual.

They are always high on energy and love their family, to the extreme extent of sometimes being overly protective of the family members. Some inherit their Golden Retriever parent’s side and are naturally leery of strangers, and are also excellent watchdogs. If employed as guard dogs, one can expect these dogs to dispose of their guarding skills by barking at strangers and making their owner aware of an intruder. If socialized at an early stage of their childhood, these dogs will be an excellent companion for small children. This breed is known to show their aggressive side at other dogs.

The Akita and Golden Retriever cross are high on energy. The dog will need plenty of activity classes tom satiate its need to exercise. A considerable open space will be enough for these dogs to allow them to play and run smoothly. It will welcome play sessions with other dogs. As both the parents of the dog has hunting backgrounds, these dogs too can be used for hunting purposes.

These dogs can have health issues such as Hip Dysplasia, Bloat, Aortic Stenosis, Patellar Luxation, Cataracts, Sebaceous Adenitis, Glaucoma, Skin Allergies, and Hypothyroidism. Occasional tests are  Physical Examination and Radiographs.

Training & Feeding

This breed comes from two brilliant races, the Akita and the Golden Retriever. Thus, these dogs are a natural quick learner. The Akita side of the breed makes them easily trainable but needs patience and consistency from the owner’s hand. An earlier start to the training process which makes sure that the dog doesn’t become a spoiled brat in the future. It can quickly get into a fight with other canines, so thorough training will make sure that the dog doesn’t become a rowdy in front of other dogs. Occasional perks and rewards will make sure that stays on the right track while getting training. This beforementioned trick will make sure that the overall training process runs smoothly. Things like crate training,

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