Aki Poo

Known as a cross breed between Poodle and Akita, Aki poo is crossbreed dog. Having similarity to their Akita parents, they are moderately significant in size. Having either or hanging ears, they have a fit and sturdy body, with small eyes and small eyes.  The body covered with small-medium hair,  while their tails are fluffy and curly.

The Aki poo is also loyal and devoted to their owner and is very much like a poodle. This breed has got the intelligence nature of both the parents. They would perceive the impending dangers to their family and owners for their sturdy and bold. Aki poos are protective of the family, which makes them a guard and watchdog.

With their bold and sturdy nature Akita-like nature, they would recognize the impending dangers to their owner and his family. Hence this makes them a right guard and watchdog. They often take charge which often resembles it wolf-like genetic characteristic. Just like the poodle, they are vocal but not extensive barkers. With children, they are playful, comfortable and spend their time. When correctly socialized, they get along with the fellow pets of the family. The Aki – poos requires frequent brushing at least three to four times a week, with a moderately dense and long coat.

Though they are generally healthy breed, sometimes they develop issues like dysplasia.

Training and Feeding

They become receptive to basic commands with teaching between 8 to 12 weeks. The primary training provided to them is to hold patience, and under any circumstances, they should be permitted to demonstrate dominance. Socialization is the key to this dog. The trainer does not need to yell, as the puppy barks. Instead, train it to understand and get acquainted with the quiet and speak a command. It will quickly show your pup the dissimilarity between silence and noise. Training regarding fetching, tugging, swimming is a part of the programme, since this crossbreed inherits the herding and hunting instincts from the Akita parents.

A diet schedule similar to dogs of this building is recommended since it is almost the size of Akita. Protein and high energy daily meals will provide the dog with healthy food.

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