History, Personality, Exercise & Health Problems

The Bullkita is a cross between the Akita and the American Bulldog breed. As being a crossbreed, these dogs don’t have a well-written history. The Bulldog has a glorious history in the game of bull-baiting and the fighting pit. Once the government banned these games, because of their highly destructive nature, the Bulldogs started shining as a house pet. Bulldogs hold the fourth place when it comes to popularity according to the American Kennel Club. The other parent, Akita is a Japanese race and has thousand years of history. Mainly bred for their hunting skills, these dogs have a high reputation in the royal scene. Ancient people regarded these dogs to be profoundly spiritual.

Bullkitas are quite aggressive but are also loyal and friendly. Some are assertive, yet sensitive to their environment. They will a be a happy creature if they are surrounded by affectionate people. They will thrive in an environment, where everyone maintains a stable atmosphere. A sudden change, especially regarding the environment, can act as a catalyst in igniting they’re aggressive. Some will inherit their Bulldog parent’s side, and will show their funny hands when dealing with kids. The cross may inherit Akitas temperament and personality, and in that case, will need close supervision when they are around small children or other animals.

These dogs need a low amount of activities, and that can be satiated by a regular dose of moderate activities. A daily walk or a short run outside with the owner will keep their muscles and bones in a good state. A play session with other dogs in the dog park will keep them happy. The owner will also have to keep these creatures busy with some sort of mental activities during the day. One has to remember that these dogs cannot tolerate extreme weather, such as extreme cold and overheat, especially if the cross inherits the coat from its Akita parents. As long these dogs get the required activities, they will positively adjust to any environment.

The cross can suffer from health issues such as Patellar Luxation, Stenotic Nares, Hip Dysplasia, Eye Problems, Hypoglycemia, Elbow Dysplasia, Hyperplasia, and Hydrocephalus, among others. Some occasional tests are Internal Imaging, Urine and Blood tests, Tests for the orthopedic health, Ocular examination, Blood pressure and glucose, Electrocardiographs, Holter Monitoring, and Echocardiography.

Training & Feeding

Bullkitas are entirely a gem when it comes to dealing with people, and always show their eager to please personality. These qualities make them an ideal student when it comes to

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